Massimo Morini

Chief Economist Algorand Foundation


Massimo is Algorand Foundation’s Chief Economist. He joined as an EAC member and Head of Economic Research when he was also serving as head of Rates and Credit Modelling, and Coordinator of Model Research, at IMI bank. He has been Professor of Fixed Income at Bocconi University and of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies at Swiss Finance Institute Lugano. He was an Advisor and Trainer at the World Bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and several private and public financial institutions. He published several quantitative finance papers on top journals and conference proceedings, and is author of the seminal books Understanding and Managing Model Risk, and Counterparty Credit Risk, Collateral and Funding, by Wiley Finance.

Massimo holds an MsC in Economics and a PhD in Maths. His main areas of research have been interest rates, credit modelling, risk management, and the decentralization of markets through technology and incentives. He authored several early articles proposing blockchain and smart contract solutions for financial markets and financial products. His work on blockchain has been featured on CoinDesk, Risk Magazine, Bitcoin Magazine, Harvard Business Review and has often been quoted by institutions.