Sergio Passariello

Founder e Ceo di Malta Business

Founder and CEO of Malta Business, European Network for development and creation of business in Malta, he is also President of the Euromed Internationalization Consortium, partner Anima Investment Network based in Marseille.
With more than 20 years of experience in the business sector, he has always embraced the digital economy activities inspired by the concept of Global Service in the facility management sector, in which he took his first steps.
President of Assomalta, the Italian-Maltese Trade Association, as well as Chairman of MACTT, the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade of Malta, is engaged in the DTL technologies sector, both in terms of the consultancy and training to the development of start-ups.
It follows the Maltese legislative evolution in the Blockchain sector, participating actively in all the conferences in the sector as well as being involved in the launch, in Italy, of the new EuromedPay electronic money distribution network in partnership with Maltese financial institutions.
Blogger for passion, today he lives in Malta and actively collaborates with “Corriere di Malta” taking care of the economic insights.