Riccardo Pozzoli

Digital Entrepreneur

Riccardo Pozzoli is a 31-years-old Italian entrepreneur. In Chicago (USA) he co-founded with Chiara Ferragni the most influential blog in the fashion blogosphere, TheBlondeSalad. In the last three years he co-founded other three companies which have innovated the fields of digital communication and lifestyle in Italy and all around the world. Men’s Best Social Engager at the Social Awards of SocialyteGala 2013 in New York City and case of study at Harward University on TheBlondeSalad.com in 2015 and 2017. As CEO and co-founder of several companies and startups, Riccardo is invited to talk about his experience with successful business models and about his great vision in the digital scenery. He has attended conferences at Harvard Business School, Columbia University, the CEO summit of WWD.