Michele Ficara Manganelli

Direttore #assodigitale.it - esperto di TOKENOMICS

Inextricably, Geek, Life Hacker and healthy Bitcoin bearer is considered to be among the leading Italian and Swiss Evangelists in the Fintech & Cryptovalute sector, holding lectures at major universities and Keynote in major industry conferences and seminars, he also participated as a television host on numerous talk shows on the national networks as an expert on issues related to the evolution of the digital ecosystem.
He is CEO and Founder of Novaretis, a Swiss company based in Lugano, specialized in strategic consulting for the creation of ICO – Initial Coin Offering, and in the active creation of winning models of Tokenomics – Token Economics.
He was the Founder & Advisor of several successful Swiss ICOs working primarily as Token Economist specializing in the creation of new sustainable models of Tokenomics.

For over 15 years Editorial Director of historical assodigitale.it Digital Editorial Testata founded in 2004 among the most followed in Italy on the emerging issues of the Internet, with a particular focus on cryptocurrencies and on digital life in general.
In April 2010, he designed and sold the business unit of the Communication and Marketing Hub from the European publishing multinational Reed Business Elsevier to TVN MediaGroup, then holding the position of Editorial Director of the Group with oversight for the re-launch of the historical paper publications Advertising Italy and ADV Advertiser as well as for the expansion of the Advertising Grand Prix, the reference event for the world of Italian communication held every year in May at the National Theater of Milan.
Always a pioneer in the evolution of digital media, in the year 2000 it was defined by Prima Comunicazione “the Italian infomediario” for the conception of Immediapress, the first Italian digital printing agency then sold to the Adnkronos Group.
#senzatimore has always been its hashtag and identifies the desire to innovate without ever stopping and never being afraid.