Massimo Simbula

Advisor di Coinbar Spa

Massimo Simbula with Coinlex is one of Coinbar’s legal advisors. He has been involved in the privatization of companies in Italy and abroad and has provided assistance to Italian and foreign government institutions, banks, multinational companies, operating in various sectors.

With over 15 years of experience in corporate law, industrial law and new technologies with particular reference to topics opening a Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, Massimo continuously assists in first person as an innovative startup, incubators of digital companies and investment funds operating in the business sector digital. He is the author of  various publications in field of law and new technologies and speaker at conferences and seminars concerning blockchain, cybercrimes, responsibility of the Internet intermediary, privacy and artificial intelligence. He was selected among the first 17 lawyers in Italy in Technology sector, media and telecommunications (TMT), from Top Legal magazine for prize Top Legal Industry Awards 2017.