Marco Vitale

CEO FoodChain

I was born in 1979, and in 2007 I graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan. I gained experience on an international level covering roles from Research and Development up to Project Managing, and then in 2010 started my business in the blockchain sector founding the engineering company Block Srl. From the birth of Block and from the collaboration with engineers Davide Costa and Fabio Fiori was developed the idea of the Foodchain project, and in 2016 Block Srl and the software house Kaboom Srl formalized the creation of a new enterprise, Foodchain Spa, based in the ComoNext Innovation Hub and present in the Polytechnic University of Turin. The business’ core mission is the development and implementation of blockchain technology to track all the steps of any production chain, from raw materials to the finished product, with a primary focus on food industry. From then on, numerous opportunities presented by fairs and events allowing us to turn the spotlight on our project: for instance, in 2017 Foodchain was invited to the IC Food Conference of the University of Davis, where I had the pleasure to describe the use of blockchain technology for a possible development of the Internet of Food. Always in 2017 the company was included in the “Italian Book of Innovation“, published by Rizzoli, which collects the 100 most innovative start-ups in our country, and the Polytechnic University of Milan has included us in the 331 companies world-wide operating in the blockchain.
Furthermore, since 2016 Foodchain has been present in Asia where important agreements with major companies in the supply chain traceability sector have been signed, as well as collaboration with important Asian institutions.
This year I made an important choice of development: in August 2018 I founded together with two partners Quadrans, a no-profit foundation, of which I am President, that will bring together the most influent minds in the worlds of blockchain and supply chain, whom will focus on research and development, promotion, education and support of this technology that we completely re-engineered and made open.