Marco Crotta

Founder Blockchain Caffè

Starts learning BASIC ad 12 by himself on a C=64, ends up with a major degree in Informatics at Uninversità Bicocca in Milan, where he works as a researcher for about one year. Works as a develoer/consultant during his univesity years, then works for serveral TELCO providers on projects conerning networks, security, communication and many more.

Active in the cryptocurrency space for a few years, in 2017 starts his YouTube channel “Blockchain Caffe” in order to explain this tecnology to the most of us. Instructor, writer, advisor, consultant for start-ups, ICO and many other Blockchain related projects.

Blockchain Caffè:

One of the most appreciated YouTube Channels in Italy that can explain cryptocurrency and Blockchain that aims to explain anyone, in the simplest yet correct way what Blockchain and Bitcoin are, how they work and how they can change the word around us and our work and lives.