Maria Grazia Vigliotti

CTO Sandblocks Consulting

Dr Maria G. Vigliotti is a recognised expert in safety-critical systems, cybersecurity, and blockchain (or Distributed Ledger Technology).
She is the Chief Executive Officer of Sandblocks Consulting, an influential boutique-consultancy that focuses on training, research projects, and enhancing the cyber-security of smart contracts. Projects led by the company include: building a land registry on the blockchain, preparing business cases for adopting blockchain technology in transport, logistics and supply chain, delivering a secure and GDPR-compliant solution for the verification of qualifications on the blockchain, developing research on payment systems using blockchain, and auditing of smart contracts and platforms for security purposes.
Maria is the Chief Editor of a peer reviewed journal, Frontier in Blockchain Journal (Smart Contracts), and a member of the ISO/TC 307/ Working Group on Distributed Ledger Technology. She is presently writing “The Executive Guide to Blockchain”, a book on blockchain for executives from all walks of life.
Maria holds a PhD in Computing from Imperial College London and has published over thirty papers in peer-reviewed international academic journals and conferences. After having worked several years as an academic at Imperial College London (Department of Computing) where she led research projects on cybersecurity, she moved to the private sector. Maria has delivered several high-profile projects in the UK nuclear industry and led the development and the delivery of the cybersecurity strategy for the GB railway.