Ivan Granito

Advisor at Jur, CEO at Enclaves

Ivan Granito is a fully qualified IOA actuary, he has been working since 2011 as actuarial consultant expert on Risk and Capital Management for insurance companies. He collaborated with Studio Crenca & Associati and Studio De Angelis Savelli, two leading actuarial consulting firms in Italy.

He holds a Ph.D in actuarial sciences and he is author of some scientific papers on quantitative risk management.
In 2018 he has started a collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group (Milan) for strategic risk insurance projects.

Ivan has his first experiences on blockchain in 2016 and, in 2017, participates in the creation of JUR (upcoming ICO), a startup that provides justice as a service on the blockchain to recreate trust in business relationships, allowing people to safely make agreements digitally enforced thanks to a peer to peer dispute resolution system. In Jur Ivan made the analysis and implementation of the voting system and the token model from the point of view of game theory. Subsequently, he deals with the first phases of the project launch and the general post-seed strategy.

Since June 2018 he has been CEO co-founder of Enclaves, a hybrid crypto currency exchange (upcoming ICO) with centralized and decentralized functionalities (incl. decentralised cross-chain trading) and with an innovative market driven listing process. Enclaves is founded by a group of top talented finance and blockchain experts.

Ivan has relevant economic and quantitative skills very useful for the validation / design of token and business models.
Ivan was speaker in various blockchain-themed events talking about specific projects or crypto currencies in general.