Federico Morgantini

BFC - Digital Operations Manager, CEO Gooruf

Since 1997, after graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, Federico has started and managed businesses in multiple fields, especially in multimedia publishing.

His experience in Digital Industry started in 1997 when he founded one of the first web marketing companies in Italy, Sintetica srl.

In 2002 he became a partner and marketing manager of MotoHP, a magazine dedicated to the world of motorcycles.

In 2004 he moved to Shanghai where he opened the StudioMorgantioni, consulting to support the entry and development of Italian companies and startups in Asia. Main strategy was to leverage the local digital marketing channels.

In 2016 he started developing Gooruf project in collaboration with Blue Financial Communication Spa, company listed at the AIM Milan Stok Market. Since 2018 he is one of the Board of Director of the holding company and CEO of Gooruf Ltd.

In 2017 he started a stable collaboration as author for Forbes Italia and Forbes.it. He had the passion for writing since the ‘90s: he was author of the book “Un italiano in Shanghai” (Albatros, 2011) and of many articles in Italian newspapers and magazines.

In September 2019 he started running Blockchain&Co, a TV show broadcasted by BFC (channel 511 of Sky Italy).

As a natural self-starter, he was also once standing VP of Young Entrepreneurs of Milan.