Erika Panzeri

Founder & Digital Marketing specialist

I’ve just turned 32, and my name is Erika, with a ‘K’. I want to make sure that you all know this. I’ve always loved communication, both in its digital and traditional forms. I love to uncover new aspects of it every day. I love getting to know what I’m strong at and what I’m weak at, to always improve myself. After all, everything is based on communication. Everyday relationships, work partnerships, and even simply contacting someone else, all of this is communication. I always want to know more and I think that this desire is the base for everything.
In 2011, I joined GACKT Italia, the source of my inspiration and great love. From there, my love for Japan grew stronger, and this led me to the creation of Japan Italy Bridge, which is, as its name implies, a bridge between Italy and Japan.
My travels, the people who I meet, they always present me with something new and they give me the assurance that I have chosen the right path, that I should continue on. I walk standing tall and feeling proud to bring my strength and determination to the people, with the people.
This is communication, this the ability to communicate.