Antonello Cugusi

Ceo e cofondatore di Coinbar Spa

Graduated in Economics and Finance at Luiss at 24 years old, Antonello Cugusi is an entrepreneur with years of experience in the business and management. He has always made of innovation the flagship for the growth of its companies, exploiting from the beginning emerging solutions, such as ecommerce and social media maketing, also in traditional business such as food and retail.

Since 2018 he has been CEO of Coinbar Spa, a new project that he has contributed to founding, born from idea to create an Italian exchange that presents – in addition to the classic virtual trading platforms – a business model comprising physical points too, the Coinbar shops. In this bar/bistrot it’s offer possibility to purchases in cryptocurrencies and it will be possible to open them also in franchising. The Coinbar’s mission is to link even more the real economy to that of cryptocurrencies.