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Blockchain Forum Italy 2018 – The first fair of this sector

The Italian market in the last two years has seen growing attention from stakeholders, professionals in this field and the public opinion to the topic of Blockchain and technology. At the same time, thanks to the curiosity and the start of activities linked with the ICOs and cryptocurrencies, many initiatives have developed. In such environment fragmented into meetups and conferences, Blockchain Forum Italy means to be the first specialized fair for Italy linked with the Blockchain technology and the related technological activities. This fair aims to become a gathering point for all the fintech initiatives giving the sector a single and collective reference with an event comparable to the International Travel Exhibition (BIT), to the SMAU or MICAM.

The fair will take place on the 7th of November 2018 at the innovation complex of Talent Garden in Milan and will be composed of 5 dedicated subject areas, a panel for a day of speeches and interviews and a series of specialized training workshops. The fair areas will be: TECH INDUSTRIES dedicated to the technology industry companies such as software houses, cloud farms and vendors and to the main industries that are investing in or want to move towards the Blockchain technology; INVESTMENT & LEGAL dedicated to the main actors in the legal field supporting the activities related to the technological world and to investors such as venture capital, equity crowdfunding, investment funds, banks; ICOs & STARTUPS dedicated to the ICOs and Startups that wish to present their project or seek new investors; DIGITAL MARKETING PLAZA a digital plaza dedicated to the services and solutions for Digital Marketing at an international level in relation to the world of technology and the discovery of new markets;  MATCHING TABLE a space dedicated to the one-to-one meetings scheduled between participants and exhibitors during the registration stage.

The fair will be enriched by the Blockchain panel, 10 hours of interviews, 30 presentations and 20 workshops with a limited number of participants.